The struggle to meet the ends

Should not become an end in itself. The passion and drive to achieve success or fulfil a dream should cross paths with life and not be on a path of its own. Its this life that has given the opportunity to do and achieve and deserves to be well lived. Life would never give you the elbow room or unfold possibilities if it were to become the cause of self harm thus wounding life. If the underlying challenges and threats start coming in the way of living life rather than giving  life a meaning, is when your emphasis is shifted from means to the end.

One foregoes the present living for a better future but the dark journey never ends in the clout of aspirations.

I will do anything for love

So we say to make ourselves believe that we are truly, madly, deeply in love. That is a self fulfilling prophecy not a willing participant to any tangible changes in oneself just to make it work. Is it mere expression or the execution that fulfils hearts. I gave her everything I have but did you give her that one thing she really longed. That spot in the centre with the placard that reads I don’t have any expectations appears to be loading a pistol to get set to fire on disappointments and failures in love.

If only we thought loving and love is enough, it’d be the laziest feeling to justify inaction. It’s to know what the other wants followed by an attempt to fulfil that shall redefine love and how it needs expression.

Is that your ego

That makes the most noise when the void gets deeper. When the mind is in constant state of flux seeking a direction to action just to fill up that void. The void of not doing or having done enough to live or to build. For the mind is a subject of the universe to assess your capability and performance. And that performance has limited acceptance when delivered for a few than many or in households than the larger community. Isn’t that what restricts us from being able to say that all that I learnt in my life through education and experience be invested in grooming kids at home, who will  build the foundation and also see the larger community to a better tomorrow.

If capability and productivity emanates from skill sets then they’re not a factor of where they are put to use but a factor of how they are put to use!


The way the world loves it

Is somehow the way we’ve begun interpreting ourselves. From how we cover our body all the way to how we raise our children. As though the world is watching and measuring every action for Judgement Day. To fit in the world’s frame, you wear the outfit that out fits you, you make a house that befits a Presidential Suite with American Plan, your children shuttle with different boards for education and your life experiences and learnings are at the mercy of facebook likes. And the biggest casualty is you and the uniqueness every being gets to mankind.

You are already a part of the world by virtue of human evolution. The idea of getting a life is to uncover your dreams and aspirations, to discover yourselves, to offer your perspective to change the world and the way it looks at you!

Spiral of good life

The recent awareness of a good quality living has made most, focus on physical well being. For moderates to shed bad food habits and exercise to gradually be in control of their body. For extremists to indulge in keto and intermittent fasting to secure them the birth right of self governance over their body. In either cases, emotional well being isn’t honoured. That, which ultimately decides how long the party lasts. Emotional well being feeds on your flight of fancy as you navigate by the negative spiral of ideas and experiences that jumps you to the worst case conclusion. And the more these downward cycles are fed with attention, the more they are allowed to proliferate.

A sprint, a diet, an inclined walk on the treadmill or prowl, any recipe is functional so long as the body can  endure mental fitness!

Ode to family

Family, a concept that symbolises togetherness in life. For many togetherness by virtue of progeny and for some by choice. Togetherness in good or bad, for better or worse, in marriage and demise, for festivals and celebrations. Along side social media, family has evolved too. It now has ingredients of oligarchy, the elders in their endeavour to wrest control and establish dominance finally agree to control in a group and have a voice of sorts. Voice on every issue, significant or not and stake in every event, good    or not. Only to reinforce power and influence rather than value systems and ethos. And in this bargain, the elders of the family miss the underlying reason of why they were plotted on the top of the family tree in the first place. So the family branching down could look up and seek guidance.

If the guide to family tree also leads to social chaos, its no surprise then that new age family is bearing millennials and device kids!

When you just didn’t play

Could haunt you every minute past the moment of play. When you could take that plunge and you didn’t, where you could seize the moment and you didn’t, when you could make history and you didn’t. And could end up being a mask on the face of luck just so grit and endurance do not feel abandoned. Or could it just be that you took that moment to rejoice all you have coupled with who you are, that which makes you play.

Say your lines but do you feel them and do you mean what you say when there’s no one around watching you. When lights are low and curtains down, you should know who you are!