Risk of losing

That ‘One’ belies our fears. It encompasses the superiority of ability and strength which you draw on as you go along. What ordinarily gets missed out is the friendship with a strong bearing and the idea of sharing what you have, to feed on what you may never have had. It’s the acquaintance with partnership of a lifetime that does incapacitate you to stand alone and deal with your imperfection. And that fragility takes precedence over the will to survive.

That risk is always there to look you in the eye but when it does, will it be facing deflection or a loss of appetite!

The need to unmarry

Is the underlying that could crawl inside of you and feed on time. A facade that gradually builds on a social framework in a world where it’s important to see how it appears to be. The prowess is in thriving as a couple because of each one’s individuality, not despite it. Where each is home to the other in pursuit of their own passion and calling. A state of physical ease that marries individual interests to embark upon a quest of sorts. To enjoy someone you can’t be and might love to. To draw out pleasures from moments and insightful conversations you may otherwise have never had.

Let there be spaces in your togetherness. And stand together, yet not too near for anyone to miss the two separate hand prints that clear out from the mist of being a couple.

Polygamy and polyandry

If said in the same breath, don’t sound like fooling around for one and infidelity for the other. It is just like seeking a legitimate alternative to infidelity which we can call the opposite of monogamy. Do open relationships then offer legitimacy to and by themselves. Whatever the case may be it is disruptive selection that defies adaptive evolution. Love finds its essence in stability and longevity not impetuosity. The inherent need to share that emotion makes us monogamous, the opposite of which is a proponent of mental chaos.

Then if monogamy is to social harmony, polygamy and polyandry is to civil war!

Perfect kiss

Could offer predictability to a relationship besides enhancing the foreplay. Kissing is an important indicator of perfection that is difficult to evolve with your relationship. That is the one thing that grows on you and not with the length of the relationship. It’s the fusion of transcendence, mystery and awe that drives you to that elusive connection, one that embarks on love and longevity if not commitment. At the same time its vital to seek realistic perfection and not adorn it with fantasy. Needless to say that your role in tucking it away gives it belonging and a sense of continuity.

Beneath the myth of perfect partnership lies a perfect kiss!

You’re the one

It seems we’re always looking for that one thing that makes our lives complete. That job, that chance, that family and that love. All the wrenching late night conversations on the one idea of the one . And it really is the deep low lying emotions that surface and deport you from your own land of ‘one’ to the land of the one. The feelings you make friends with, not having to know them till that one comes along. Having said and done all that, we pull over to check minor life adjustments and just like that we let the buzz and passion pass us by.

When we know its one for all and all for one, why do we make ourselves wait so long!

Opening the ex files

What’s with the tense relationships, a relationship and it’s connection to the past, present and future tense. At a certain age we’ve all had relationships that are far from past perfect. But how much does that past relationship affect our dream of a future perfect. And is it possible to get to a future if your past is still present. It’s about time to clear out the past, come out of the present and step into the future. Don’t tell me all about you because its that feeling of love that stays with you and not that person. Person is clutter that stays around for your kind records.

It’s the love you have, which is for me to feel, share and get swept off with and it’s looking right at me completely uncovered!