The man for you

Is what you scout for as you reach the pinnacle of girlhood. The machoism, especially when manifested in an assertive, self conscious and dominating way. The structure of a rock that is a sign of strength and protection against danger. And for some, the cult of virility in the form of sexual aggression is the trip. In all, physical power is what it entails. Nevertheless, the individual resilience and mental toughness still bow down to you to shape up and expand life in its current form. Macho is you too, the rest just a fanfare surrounding patriarchy.

The man behind you could really be the man in you!

Does it add up?

When you put together all what you came to accomplish from one life. Did the game of life end in triumph for you and were you the witness to thrill and ravishment, the constant learning, the hearts you touched, the lives you made. Disruption gives you the elements to add up to strengthen self belief to see tangibles beyond time tables. The unwavering yearn to learn, to watch the world as a family, to offer that compassion, to enable resolution, to pursue that desire and passion to live each day anew. That’s the fulfillment and one full life.

Downs and disappointments putting their values to rise to a wholesome!

Of forbidden pleasures

Pleasure has somehow been inextricably linked with pain and fun with punishment. Is it because the unalloyed pleasure feeds on the forbidden? Forbidden is nothing but surrendering to temptation and of being imperfect. And what’s important, is to feel the temptation. To not be swayed, tempted or led astray is to not feel and an unfeeling life is a diminished one. Its better to have lust and lost cause if it weren’t for the forbidden, they’d never be any craving.

If the lure of the forbidden, the Not allowed is universal then why do temptations have to be resisted and why can’t pleasure be customised?

Outgrow to grow

Sometimes becomes imperative to preserve oneself. The self assessment on theirs to yours continually undermines what you might be or how you’d want to be. The focal point is you and people and their judgments just pure takeaways. Influential should be your thoughts and how you orient yourself to think in the presence of people. Those thoughts that need nurturing from continuous learning and knowledge to stand for your mind and guard your individuality and uniqueness. Grandeur is in the clarity of role you’ve come to play and in expanding your horizons to touch many on the way.

Discover and help people discover themselves or get lost in social chaos!



Sexism in sex

Like in most so called male domains, the assumption of power and priority in the natural act of sex also safely lies with men. This masculinity further stimulates chauvinism. How it becomes normative behaviour and everyone simply asked to follow it. If men were ever to relinquish control to women in sex, that would seem like an unfathomable offense. Of women’s sexual desires getting vocal and brutal honesty ceasing to be the legacy of only men.

Sometimes pure act of sex can be self reliant and pleasurable without being an act of emotional security. And so without prejudice could be anyone’s prerogative, not reserved for men!


Desire to relive

The novel relationship forms the basis of seeking a new partner. In the quest for newness you blindly follow the trail just to get far away from people and things that once started new with you. Ironical as it may be to want to want new things for an old self. Call it renewed vigour of a new kind prepared to go far beyond the conventional morality, that which is already¬† misplaced once, only to find yourself trapped in postconventional morality. Where a person develops one’s own set of ethical values applicable only to oneself and based on non conventional wisdom.

It’s not the new found love, it’s not the fatal attraction, it’s not the superiority of the new over the old, it’s the sheer desire to disrupt normal and routine only to relive the dark side.

It’s a broken relationship

But a rendezvous with strength. Grief might be similar to what you feel if anything that you love deeply, breaks. It’s the fissure that makes the hard cracking sound, leaving you alone to assess the damage. You can forget what they said or did but what you can’t forget is how they made you feel. Not to say it wasn’t meant to be but that it wasn’t meant for me. Sometimes the liability of non performance is limited to the emotions invested but in few others the collateral damage is far from being secured.

Is it the interdependence and feeding off each other the fragile emotion or the onslaught of change that takes more time for repair?